Specifications of our real time tracking solution


SolidTrack consists of a single survey camera attached to the film camera rig which can be of any type, whether hand-held, shoulder-mounted, Steadicam, dolly or crane.

• SolidTrack is a light system : one survey camera weighting less than 150 g (1 lb)

• SolidTrack takes minimal time to setup ( less than 10 minutes)

• SolidTrack doesn’t require any specific fiducials or tracking markers as it automatically recognizes natural contrasts in the environment (markerless tracking).

• SolidTrack deals with variable focal lenses (zoom and focus).

• SolidTrack is recording the tracking data and there is an export function in FBX format developed specifically to help post-production teams.

• Creative control of framing and compositing, allowing immediate verification, particularly with blue and green screens.

• Producers achieve greater control of VFX budgets and timescales, minimizing waste and ensuring efficient delivery, from previz to the final movie.

• SolidTrack integrates easily into existing workflows, providing high quality visualization without delaying the shoot.

• Extended camera tracking : several units of SolidTrack can be linked together and share on-set settings to deliver multiple cameras tracking.

Supported Cameras :

• Digital film cameras with HD SDI Output
• Film cameras with video tap
• Lens zoom with encoder (ENCODACAM and FIZLOGGER)

Camera Configurations :

• Handheld, Steadicam, tripod, dolly, crane,

SolidTrack Input :

• 1920/1080 HD SDI with timecode
• 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 59, 94, 50, 60 fps frame rate

Configuration :
• one server per film camera

Operating System :
• Windows 7 Pro and Linux

Compact and powerful server

Easy to handle : 1 to 3 screens

Fits on a single trolley

Only 2 Operators to use SolidTrack

Integrated real-time renderer :
• baked-in lighting

MotionBuilder 2014


Unreal Engine

Integrated real-time keying :
• MotionBuilder
• Ultimatte
• All video mixer existing

On-Set Workflow

• Real Time integration with Motion Builder and Lightcraft

• Other previz solutions supported via our tracking API

Post-Production Workflow

• Compatible with Autodesk products trough FBX export

• Export to Match Moving

• Software : PF Track, 3D, Equalizer

• HD SDI output
• real-time composite of monitor video with tracked and keyed CGI
• routed to camera EVF or field monitor
• routed to video village and director/producer monitors
• automatic take system records a labelled .fbx file
• camera position, rotation, focus.
• timecode plus captured point cloud for each take
• Lens calibration data for VFX post production

• SolidTrack software presents no delay
• Arri ALEXA 1 to 2 video frames
• RED EPIC 2 video frames

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