SolidTrack at FMX 2015 booth 2.4

SolidAnim will be showcasing at FMX 3 novelties: its real time camera tracking solution SolidTrack with new features, the virtual camera SolidVcam both presented on SolidTrack booth 2.4.

SolidAnim announces also its new framing software developed in partnership with Inria and showcased on the company booth 3.1.
SolidAnim will introduce its new virtual camera, SolidVCam, equipped with SolidTrack camera real time markerless tracking technology, Motion Builder and Unity plug-in. The smart portable viewer meets the needs of any virtual pro¬duction project such as on-set previz, virtual shows, providing accurate framing or cinematics. The camera offers a new virtual experience without any constraints (no markers, no mocap equipment). SolidVcam has a full stabilizer HD monitor with system. With SolidVCam users can frame the real to the virtual.

SolidTrack is a markerless real time camera tracking solution, the system enables director seeing VFX while shooting. SolidTrack is easy to set up and gives you more flexibility to shoot indoors and ourtdoors. The solution is dedicated to film and broadcast industries.

SolidFrame is a tool designed for animators and film directors to interactively explore and manipulate a large collection of shots over a 3D animation, and quickly create a first cinematographic edit over these shots. Designed in mind for virtual production (previs), rapid prototyping of synthetic movies (pitchvis), and rapid creation of realistic cinematographic moves and edits for 3D animations, the tool assists the filmmaker in exploring the cinematographic possibilities of his 3D scene.
The tool is developed as a plugin in Motion Builder 2014 and naturally connects with the VCAM system developed by Solidanim. The engine relies on Directors Lens technology developped by INRIA.

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