SolidTrack The Innovative Markerless Camera Tracking System

SolidTrack is an easy to set up real time camera tracking solution, it takes only 10 minutes to set up the solution before the shooting. Elements to connect are a single survey camera linked to the film camera rig which can be of any type.

SolidTrack is highly mobile and relocates rapidly both indoors and outdoors, allowing it to track instantly on any new setup. The solution is light: one cable, one survey camera less than 150 g ( 1 lb). SolidTrack does not need visible markers during the shooting (even on a green screen).

SolidTrack integrates easily into existing workflows, providing high quality visualization without delaying the shoot. Additionally, extended camera tracking (several units of SolidTrack) can be linked together and share on-set settings to deliver multiple cameras tracking. SolidTrack tracking can be exported in FBX format.

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